IPC week 3 2020 at the Ranch

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: grouper, no-see-um, vanellope, belding, miley, cheesehead, urkel, cougar, anchorman, endo, flat tire, dba, bunny, geeksquad

BOOM! IPC 2020 brought out an all time high here at the Ranch this year with 15 PAX ready to lay down some pain. And it has been confirmed, donating blood the night before an IPC workout is no big deal.




Slow Monkey Humpers

Quad pullbacks/Bear Crawl

Hamstring stretches/Bear Crawl

High Knees alternating slow/fast


YHC was at the courts early this am verifying the 400m run. The lap around the courts and dog park is almost exactly 400m. Coincidence?



Run 400m
100 merkins
Run 400m
90 squats
Run 400m
80 merkins
Run 400m
70 squats
Run 400m
60 merkins
Run 400m
50 squats
Run 400m
40 merkins
Run 400m
30 squats
Run 400m
20 merkins
Run 400m
10 squats
***Run 800m***


Great work today by all. YHC witnessed so many PAX encouraging, motivating and pushing his fellow HIM. Great to see some of the new guys continue to show. We’ve got something special happening. Lets keep at it.