Killer of Bunnies

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Back Blasts

QIC: Vanellope
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Belding, Cheesehead, Endo, Flat Tire, Grouper, Miley, Smokey, Waterboy, Urkell, Vanellope

11 Pax showed up ITG for our Tuesday Beatdown. It was the 1st Day of Fall and with it came cool weather and a nice breeze. Double digits continuing to show up down here at F3 Lutz. Killer of Men on Q, but later changed to Killer of Bunnies after completing a lengthy set of Murder Bunnies in preparation for Week 4 IPC. lol


Warm Up

  • SSH X20 IC
  • Bunny Hops (Forward/Backward) X10 IC
  • Lateral Hops X10 IC
  • Bobby Hurleys X10 OYO

Getting Started… Get a partner

  • DORA (cinderblocks)           *Partner mosey around BB court
  • – Blockees X50
  • – Thrusters X75
  • – Kettle Bell Swings X100
  • – Curl Presses X125

Mosey to Playground with cinderblock

  • DORA                                      *Partner SSH X20
  • – 50 Burpees
  • – 75 Pull Ups
  • – 100 Merkins
  • – 125 Squats

Mosey to FOP with cinderblock

  • Murder Bunnies X10  (New workout to F3 Lutz introduced by the IPC)
  • Partner Bear Crawls…alternating for 50yds




  • Prayers for us to be role models for our children
  • Prayers for our health and safety
  • Thankful for another beautiful morning ITG



  • Vanellope Shout Outs


Grouper- Rain or shine, Monday thru Sunday we can always count on you to be out there getting after it with the other Pax and always at  100% effort.

Cheesehead– Great job continuing to post with energy and motivation. Your high energy is rubbing off on the other Pax.

Urkell- Love the positivity that you bring, keep on working hard and the results will show.

More shout outs coming at my future Q’s…