Exciting new beginnings

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QIC: haka, no-see-um
PAX POSTED: grouper, no-see-um, vanellope, belding, miley, cheesehead, urkel, anchorman, flat tire, dba, hitch hiker, nancy, sanka, rub n tug, big papi, no.2, khakis, waterboy

Beautiful day to kickoff our new Saturday morning AO at Bexley! The men of F3 Lutz were bright-eyed and bushy tailed to see what their new Saturday location at Bexley had to offer. @haka and @no-see-um on Q to break it in just right. With a record high of 19 and 2 FNGs, we were off to a good start! Prior to the workout, a few of the pax noticed an eager young buck slowly strolling across the street to check out what was going on….

“Is there an age requirement to workout”…he asked. No-See-Um quickly responded with “well, it is 16 unless you have a guardian with you”. The young man excitedly said “great, I’m in!! And my step-dad is coming too”!!! Welcome to our two FNG’s (No. 2 and Khakis)!
7:30 and time for the welcome, disclaimer F3 meaning/mission:
1st F = Fitness
2nd F = Fellowship
3rd F = Faith
F3 Mission is the plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.




MTN Climbers

Mosey to Soccer field.

A lot of mumble chatter on the mushiness of the field. Stop complaining @urkel.

Four Corners:

All PAX started at the goal line corner (try line corner in YHC’s mind), Broad Jump Burpee across to the other corner, sprint the diagonal of the field, bear crawl across the goal line to the 3rd cone, and then sprint the diagonal back to the start. This was performed 3 times. Early finishers jumped back in until all PAX finished.

All PAX performed some shoulder taps IC while everyone caught their breath.

Mosey over to the new parking lot of pain, “The PLOP” YHC suggested to pay attention, as directions were to be given 1 time.

Starting at the first light pole, pax perform 1 donkey kick and then 1 1 1/4 squat, ascending up by 1 rep of both exercises up to the 5th pole, mosey back to pole number 1 and complete 6-10.

pole 1 – One donkey kick, One 1 1/4 Squat

pole 2 – Two donkey kicks, Two 1 1/4 Squats

pole 3 – Three donkey kicks, Three 1 1/4 Squats


Early finishers jumped back until all PAX were complete.

@no-see-um wanted to dish out some pain, so he took over.

Quick count-off to know the total number for the day and then time to mosey back to the flag.
Killer B’s (created by NSU)….more like ‘Extremely Confusing and Over-Planned B’s” 🤣. Nevertheless No-See-Um did his best to explain the relay event involving three teams of 5 and one of 4 (Miley graciously was volun-told to go twice, LOL and didn’t realize he’d actually be doing 4 total sets if it weren’t for a little reprieve at the end and time running out!
Bonnie Blair’s x5 (HW)
Big Boi’s x10
Bobby Hurleys x15
Boxcutters x20
-1st group started with one burpee then second group had to do 2 and so on up to 5 for last group then came backwards with last group starting with 1 Burpee (damn this is making YHC’s head hurt just typing this shit!)
All pax did various exercises while they were not doing their set of Killer B’s.
With only 5 minutes left, NSU had the men split into two groups opposite each other about 40 yards apart.
-15 Monkey Humpers/sprint
-15 Merkins/sprint
-15 Starjacks/sprint
-15 Flutters/sprint
8:30 on the nose and time for some countorama/nameorama and COT.
NSU went over the Five Core principles of F3 and the F3 Credo:
-Open to All Men
-Held outdoors rain/shine, heat/cold
-Led in rotating fashion by peer with no training necessary
-Ends with circle of trust
Credo: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him.
-Nancy’s daughter hopefully coming home for Christmas
-Hitchiker’s M doing well with pregnancy and healthy baby in the oven
-Beldings daughter recovering still and should avoid second surgery
-No. 2’s cousin being born very soon



Tune in to the 3rd F channel in slack for more info on the Meals On Wheels Dec 19th and gifting for the family in need this Christmas.

Tune in to Slack for more on the Holiday party coming up on Dec 12th at @cheesehead’s house. Not sure if its a frat party or a Mature Christmas gathering. Only time will tell. =)