Stations around LLR

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Back Blasts


There was great weather ITG! And 11 Pax showed eager to get the week started off right. We got some Pax that are injured, sick, or DR,  and we can not wait for them to get back out to grind it out with there fellow Pax. And I have to mention the new record we got today…… Apnea showed up a whopping 32 minutes late to a 45 min workout today hahaha SMH.

Q: Vanellope

PAX: Apnea, Belding, Big Papi, Chowda, Dillio, Grouper, Mash, No-see-um, Smokey, Waterboy, Vanellope


Warm Up:

Mosey to Dead End Round A Bout

  • SSH X20 IC
  • Windmill X10 IC
  • Frankenstein X10 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles X10 IC

Mosey NE on LLR

-Halt Station #1 Merkins

  • 10 Merkin IC
  • 10 Merkin (Down/Up on Q Command)
  • 10 Merkin Clap
  • 10 Merkin OYO

Mosey N on LLR

-Halt Station #2 Legs

  • 10 Squats IC
  • 10 Split Jacks
  • 10 Squat Jumps
  • 10 Squats OYO

Mosey NW on LLR to Big Round a Bout

-Halt Station #3 ABs

  • 10 LBC’s IC
  • 10 X-Cross Sit Ups IC
  • 10 Big Boys OYO
  • 10 Freddie Mercurys IC

Mosey S on LLR to Playground

-Halt Station #4 Pull Up’s

  • 5 Pull Up’s IC (Cadence didn’t work like planned but YHC wanted to give it a try)
  • 5 Pull Up’s OYO X3

Mosey to Pavilion

-Halt Station #5 Step Up’s

  • 20 Step Up’s OYO
  • Box Jumps were planned but YHC felt it was unsafe to do on picnic benches

Let’s Recap

  • 10 Merkins IC
  • 10 Squats IC
  • 10 LBC’s IC
  • 5 Pull Up’s OYO
  • 10 Step Up’s

Run it Back on more time

  • 10 Merkin Clap OYO
  • 10 Split Jacks
  • 10 X-Cross Sit Up’s
  • 5 Pull Up’s
  • 10 Step Up’s

To the FOP side walk

  • Finished with 3 AYG 50yd Sprints

Done! Great Job today guys, a full body workout and a little bit of cardio to get us from station to station. I am blessed to have been able to lead you guys ITG today. See you guys at the District tomorrow. HC!




  • Thankful for being able to get out and get a good workout in this morning with the Pax
  • Prayer for Big Papi and our other Pax that are traveling
  • Prayers for Endo that heals up and is able to get back out to us soon (So he can continue to get smoked lol)
  • Prayers for some of our Pax who are sick