The Fake Out Got’em Again

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Back Blasts


Beautiful weather this morning at the Ranch. 19 Strong showed up including 1 FNG, Powdah (Welcome). A lot of guys showed up early, even Apnea (incredible). Some pre workout mumble chatter, the usual, some of the older pax talking about aches and pains lol. With that said, lets get started.

QIC: Vanellope

Pax: Apnea, Belding, Big Papi, Cheesehead, Chowdah, DBA, Dillio, Grouper, Haka, Hitchhiker, Smoggy, Vanilla Ice, Villa, Powdah, No-see-um, Miley, Waterboy, Urkel, Vanellope


Warm Up

  • SSH X15
  • Windmill X10
  • Baby Arm Circles X10
  • Circle Burp X2

Mosey to Sunlake

Before reaching Sunlake YHC “Faked Out” some of the veteran pax who like to take a short cut to the round a bout, but instead of stopping YHC just kept running in a circle and continued to Sunlake.

AT Sunlake heading north.

  • 5 Burpees/ 10 Merkins/ 15 Burpees at each light to the first intersection (13 poles)

Heading South back to LLR

  • 25%/100%…25% mosey to pole than 100% Sprint to next pole switching back and forth for 13 light poles.

SSH waiting on the 6

Mosey back to BB Courts

With 30 seconds left, burpees on YHC’s cadence to finish.



  • Thankful for guiding Big Papi and taking away the burden
  • Prayers for Waterboy and family
  • Prayers for Urkel Sister


Vanellope Shout Out’s:

  • HAKA: Always out there leading the way and pushing the pax. He’s just a work horse, plain and simple. And couldn’t help but notice how he guided and encouraged our FNG today and really pushed him outside his comfort zone and made him better.
  • DILLIO- Man Dillio was feeling it today, out front with Haka and Grouper pushing the pace. It’s encouraging and motivating to see pax give it 100% every time they come out and thats what Dillio does. Keep it up and glad you came back and joined us and left F41.