Dillio’s Thursday Beat Down

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Dillio
PAX POSTED: no-see-um, grouper, hitchhiker, Baywatch, smog, apnea, Belding, haka, cheese head, waterbody, hooker, chowdah, flat tire

Dillio’s Thursday Beat Down Begins…

Review 5 core principles of F3

  • Free of charge
  • Open to all men
  • Held outside rain or shine
  • Lead in alternating fashion with no training or certification
  • End in the circle of trust


14 X Side Straddle hop

14 X Tempo squats

14 X Strawberry pickers

10 X Merkins

Mosey around both circles to dock

Stage 1:

Split into two

Round 1:

#1 On the docks:  burpee box jump

#2 Run upstairs and duck walk down the ramp

Bear crawl to the dock to meet pax

Switch places and repeat

Round 2:

#1 20 steps ups

#2 Up the Stairs and Duck walk down the ramp

bear crawl back


Round 3:

#1 Dips / Irkins

#2 Duckwalk up, and down the stairs

bear crawl back


Mosey to basketball courts

Water break

Stage 2:

On the line!

Walking lunges with a squat to the far side

1 burpee, come on back.

Repeat then 2,3 up to 5 burp

Plank until 6 is in

On more splash of water and then:

Stage 3:

Field of Pain

Split up in 2 groups

#1 reverse burpee until pax returns

#2 run to sidewalk and back


#1 monkey humpers

#2 run to sidewalk and back


#1 Sumo squats

#2 run to the sidewalk



#1 Mrkins squats

#2 run to the sidewalk



Mosey to courts

Final Stage:

Mini Q School

leading ab exercises

Dillio:  10 Box cutters in cadence…. 7 Mor pax.

Count off

Roll call

Circle of trust