Four Cornors

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Back Blasts


Four Cornors – Saturday 02-20-2021 @ The Bonyard

PAX: Smoggy, No-See-Um, Grouper, Vanilla Ice, Cheesehead, Nova, Nancy, Belding, dba
Another cold morning and F3 boys are ready to beat the cold. 7:30 am and we started with quick disclaimer and 5 core principles of F3.
– Mosey around the Block with the hope that some one will see and join us.
– Warm up: 10 IC (Frankenstine, WindMills, Air Presses, SSH)
10 Groiners OYO
4 Cornors at the playground:
Cornor 1: 5 Burpees, 10 MonkeyHumpers, 15 Merkins, 20 Sqats
C2: 10 Burpees, 10 MonkeyHumpers, 15 Merkins, 30 Sqats
C3: 15 Burpees, 10 MonkeyHumpers, 15 Merkins, 40 Sqats
C4: 20 Burpees, 10 MonkeyHumpers, 15 Merkins, 50 Sqats
Looks like boys liked it 🙂 and knocked it out easily.
Circle up for 20 SSH IC
Bruce Lee Set 1:
– Mosey around the Block and back to the playground
– Partner up for DORA: One Pax Sprints to the other side of the playground and other Pax does the exercise (Cumulative)
Big Boy Setups – 200
Lunges – 150 Hard way
American Hammers – 150 Hard way
Sprint – All You Got to the Flag
8:30 and we are warmed up.
– Prayers for Nancy’s daughter for her good health and opportunity to take off to visit the family
– Prayers for Smoggy and his son for fun and safe game.
– Prayers for NoSeeUm and his M for the Job of their choice
– Prayers for YHC’s kids that they get through the cold they have.
Coffeteria afterwards at DD
Have a wonderful day!!!