Deck of Death – Burpee Style

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker
PAX POSTED: No-See-Um, Grouper, Smoggy, Hooker, Apnea, Boobie, Grylls (visiting from Tallahassee, FL)

A warm and slightly muggy morning at The District has 7 PAX + YHC show up to work on our burpee form in preparation of the thirty-day Burpee Challenge starting tomorrow.

Right at 5:30 we started with a quick reminder of our cure principals and then got right into the warm up, all in cadence:

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Weed Pickers
  • 10 Windmills
  • 10 Bird Dogs

A quick mosey to the center path between the soccer fields where a deck of cards and a whiteboard awaited the PAX. Each PAX rotated picking a card and leading the group in the following exercises:

2 – King (13) adding up to 91 each :

  • Diamonds: Merkins
  • Clubs: Groiners
  • Spades: Jump Squats
  • Hearts: Burpees

All aces: Run to the end of the field and back

Jokers: 25 reps of dealers choices (Smoggy went with Big-Boy Situps and Hooker wanted 25 bonus merkins)

The PAX were so motivated we completed the deck well ahead of YHC’s plans, so a quick mosey back to the starting point. After a quick sip, 25 each of the following were done on the picnic benches:

  • Dips
  • Step-ups (hardway!)
  • Irkins
  • LBC’s

Again, the PAX flew crushed the reps and we moved back to the field. 91 burpees seemed like a dumb place to start, so a 10 round burpee circle put us over 100.

With a few minutes to spare, the PAX alternated sprints and jogs between four light poles and back bringing us to time.

Reminder: Burpee challenge starts tomorrow. Make sure to sign up:

COT: Praise to the Lord for a great morning of fitness with the PAX and everyone unable to make it or facing issues in their lives. Prayers for our visiting PAX Grylls who recently moved his family to Tallahassee. Prayers for No-See-Um’s 2.0 who broke out into hives this weekend. Additional prayers for No-See-Um’s family as his M was given a tremendous job offer that will take their family back home to Atlanta this Spring, may the transition go well for their family.

QIC: Hitchhiker

PAX: No-See-Um, Grouper, Smoggy, Hooker, Apnea, Boobie, Grylls (visiting from Tallahassee, FL)