That beatdown doesn’t sound hard…

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Chowdah
PAX POSTED: Hitchhiker, Apnea, Hooker, Splinter, Chowdah

YHC arrived to an empty District and thought, well this BD is gonna be exciting. But as time crept towards 530, more PAX rolled in. YHC has a clock which seems to be running later, considering 2-3 minute difference between my phone time what hitchhiker had as the time. The temperature was a brisk 56 degrees and this called for a good ol fashion blood pumping beatdown!

Q: Chowdah

PAXs: Hitchhiker, Apnea, Hooker, Splinter, Chowdah

Warm up on the field:

  • 20 SSH
  • Baby-arm circles (forward and backwards)
  • 10 Windmills
  • 10 Frankensteins

Beatdown: Keeping it simple?

  • 1 Burpee
  • 1 Merkins
  • 1 Sit-up
  • 1 Split Jack lunge
  • 1 lap around the building near fields
  • repeat 50x


With roughly 7ish minute left (and our bodies visibly steaming from the heat produced and temperature)

  • Bruce Lee’s
    • 20 American Hammers
    • 20 Flutter Kicks (easy way)
    • 20 LBCs
    • 20 Leg Raises/Lifts
    • 20 Dying cockroaches
    • 20 Freddy Mercurys
  • added bonus- 20 Supermans

1 minute left- Burpees til time! (Side note: Splinter did this all whole BD in weighted vest- BEAST MODE!)


Thankful for the group of men who made it out for the BD. Prayers go out for those who wanted to make it out but couldn’t. For those who are sick/battling illness (self or families/friends. Splinter is training for 3 events which are CSAUP worthy, 1 of the 60 picked for a SPARTAN event which will take over 24 hours to complete. Best of luck!