St. Paddy’s; Feeling Lucky…PAXs?

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Chowdah
PAX POSTED: Grouper, Apnea, Solo, Hitchhiker, Chowdah, Smalls

A fine morning for good ol’ fashion donnybrook, aka the Irish BD at the District. The morning brought 6 PAXs together, including an FNG; Smalls, to begin their day before everyone starts asking “Where’s your green?!? You gotta wear green today.”

Solo said he was glad he could make it back out to enjoy a St.Paddy’s day special + the march challenge of 100 burpees

QIC: Chowdah

PAXS: Grouper, Apnea, Solo, Hitchhiker, Chowdah, Smalls


  • 10 Windmills in cadence
  • 10 SSH
  • 10 Baby arm circles (forward/backwards)
  • Mosey up the main road and back to the start


Work Out:

S- Squat Potato (hold squat position and pass around weight- 25lb ruck plate)

T- The, modified, Wolverine (plank – to ground to up- to right knee-to left knee- back up)


P– Pickle Grinder ( back extensions over ledge)- 20

A- Apollo Creed Burpees (1 armed burpees)- 10

T- Tony Hawk Burpees (burpees jump turn 360)- 10

R- Rochamburpees 10 round ( holding plank play rock, paper, scissors with partner- winner does 1 burpee, loser does 2 burpees. Draw- go again until winner)

I- Imperial Walker; 20

C- Captain Thor (1 big boy sit up; 4 american hammers- in circuit)- 20

K- Killer Bees (bear crawl, broad jumps burpees) / Kraken Burpees- 10 of each burpee

S- She Hates Me (10 lunges/ 10 burpees/ 10 merkins; in circuit)


D- Lt.Dan;  (1 squat; 4 alternating lunges- in circuit)- 10

A-American Hammers- 20

Y- Yurpees (clap merkin at bottom, tuck  jumps on top) 10



Time left over- 7minutes…feeling lucky?

Dice ( I couldn’t find any actual dice before sound, so I found a child’s block dice #7)

So roll the dice and I decide the exercise

  1. 7 burpees
  2. 7 squats
  3. 7 groiners
  4. 21 flutter kicks (hard way)
  5. 7 imperial walkers
  6. 7 more burpees
  7. Had one or two more exercises but can’t remember

Finish with Squat Potato



Solo has a knee surgery upcoming on Friday, we pray the surgery goes smooth with no complications and a smooth/fast recovery (says 3 month he should be back to the Beatdowns),

Brackets are up for those looking to sign up, and the last day for T-shirt orders is coming up so get on it!

Happy St. Paddy’s all