Thursday is Chest Day

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Flat Tire
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Baywatch, Belding, Big Papi, Boobie, Cheesehead, Chowdah, DBA, Flat Tire, Grouper, Haka, Hitchhiker, No-See-Um, Ol'Faithful, Saint, Smoggy, Smokey, Urkel, WaterBoy

Apnea, Baywatch, Belding, Big Papi, Boobie, Cheesehead, Chowdah, DBA, Flat Tire, Grouper, Haka, Hitchhiker, No-See-Um, Ol’Faithful, Saint, Smoggy, Smokey, Urkel, WaterBoy

YHC called 5:30 and it was time to start
Gave a quick mention of the 3F’s, Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.

With 19 PAX posting in the gloom and most “regulars” no FNG’s

YHC made quick decision to not give a disclaimer or mention the 5 cores as YHC had a tight schedule to meet.

Baby Arms circle x 10 IC and Reverse x10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

YHC came prepared to “quiz” the PAX
YHC instructed the PAX that he will call on you for the answer, knowgingly he may call on PAX that “may” not know the answer

Question 1 “When was our AO, F3 Nature Coast established”?
YHC select Boobie
given answer was umm.. ohh,
at this time Big Papi started to mention the date but YHC quickly had kindly asked Big Papi to shut his pie hole. LOL
Boobie sort of heard the month and day but not the year and guessing 2019… so 12/31/2019..
incorrect, 5 burpees.. lots of mumble chatter after 3000 burpee challenge…
correct answer:12.31.2016

Question 2 “How many F3 regions are in existence“?
YHC select Hitchhiker
given answer was incorrect, 5 burpees..
correct answer: 173

Question 3 “How many F3 workouts per week in the nation“?
YHC select No-See-Um
given answer 2434 (I think) …1 burpee
correct answer: 2569

Question 4 “How many states without an F3 presence or chapter “?
YHC select WaterBoy
given answer 10 again very close… 1 burpee

I asked name one of the states … knowing WaterBoy is from one of the 12 states… he got it correct… great job WaterBoy
answer was Iowa

Mosey to West roundabout
circle up
Irkens x 10 IC (YHC fumble the cadence again…needs more practice)
Lunges x 10 IC

Mosey to Sunlake

The Thang:
YHC instructed the PAX to perform
at each other light pole 25 reps.. this way we don’t need to know how many.. lol
Carolina Dry Docks (gave demonstration)
Shoulder Taps .. easy way

at each light pole in between
Freddie Mercury … easy way
Leg Lifts

… again all exercise 25 reps..

YHC instructed to continue this patter until the cross street … Sunlake and nightshade

at the first pole… yup already..
Grouper performs his merkins… and start to take off… but our own “Mr.Crush the Beatdowns” aka HAKA ..said Grouper it’s ALL 3 exercises…

Grouper came back to finish off the first set

PAX got very close to the end (cross street) but YHC had to head back to the courts…

forming two Indian Run lines (9 and 10) we started the journey…

YHC started to see and feel the pain on the PAX so YHC instructed to stop at the corner of Sunlake and LLR.. it was about 150 yards from us
YHC wanted to give the PAX something to aim at, so they can take a break…

at the corner… next exercise …long pause… Haka suggested mucho-chesto… YHC wasn’t feeling it
so called for merkins IC x 10

Indian Run back to the courts..

just in time 6:15… and PAX was energetic and ready for more…umm


  • Prayers requested from YHC for his brother to start feeling better and M to have job start soon
  • Prayers for curing and getting vaccinated from Covid and keeping the world safe


The SLT roles have been changed and the new SLT have been follows

  • Nathan – Grouper
  • 1st F  -Hitchhiker
  • 2nd F – CheeseHead
  • 3rd F – Haka
  • Ruck Q – Sloppy Joe
  • Weasel Shaker – Belding
  • Comz Q – Urkel, Apnea, Baywatch
  • District Site Q – Boopie, Miley
  • Bone Yard Site Q – Chowdah
  • Ranch Site Q – Waterboy

YHC just wanted to Thank the previous SLT on a great job done over the last year (or over). YHC is sure the new SLT team well keep it going.. aye..