Thunderstruck by the VQ

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Baywatch
PAX POSTED: DBA, Priorities, Vanilla Ice, Vanellope, Flat Tire, Cheesehead, Saint, Baywatch, Waterboy, Smokey, Hooker, Grouper, Belding, Big Papi, No-See-Um, Smoggy, Apnea

17 #HIM posted this morning at the Ranch for a Baywatch VQ beatdown starting at 0530:

Special Guest:  @Priorities (F3 Hampton Roads –  Virginia Beach, VA)

The Beatdown:

  • Warm-up
    • 10 windmills
    • 10 Side Straddle Hops
    • 10 Tappity Tap Taps
    • 10 Baby Arm Circles + 10 Reverse BAC
    • 10 LBC
    • 10 Flutter-kicks
    • 10 Shoulder Taps
    • 10 Squats
  • Mosey (Approximately 1.5 miles total moseying)
    • Stop at the LLR traffic circle for lunges around the circle
    • Mosey to Deer Tracks Loop for 1 minute of Al Gores
    • Mosey to Beautyberry Ct for 1 minute of Frankensteins
    • Mosey to next traffic circle for 1 minute of burpees
    • Longer mosey to Zamia Loop for 1 minute of leg raises
    • Short mosey (or mosey + for the young bucks) over to the other Zamia Loop for 1 minute of Imperial Walkers
    • Mosey to Morhen Way for 1 minute of Freddie Mercurys’
    • Mosey to Paspalum St for 1 minute of Mountain Climbers
    • Mosey to Breynia Drive for 1 minute of Monkey Humpers
    • Mosey to the traffic circle for a duck walk around the circle.
    • Mosey to the dead end between the swamp.


  • Finish off the thang with a little AC/DC “Thunderstruck”!
    • Plank position, every time “Thunderstruck” is heard, PAX complete one ‘mercin

Mosey back to the BB courts – rollin’ in at 0615

For the record:  @Haka, there was a rugby ball on location this morning, but after seeing @Hooker’s ball handling I opted to leave it out of the beatdown plan.


  • Prayers @Endo having knee surgery, @Hitchhiker and his family’s newest 2.0 and @Urkel and his M, who is ill.


  • 2.0 workout on Saturday, April 10
  • Poker night – RSVP to @Cheesehead
    • @Big Papi could use a babysitter for his 2.0s
  • @No-See-Um said something about the Masters, but I fell asleep as soon as he mentioned golf and didn’t catch the rest of it.


  • Worked on becoming better husbands, better fathers and better men.  See also: This link.

On Deck:  

  • Rucking at the Ranch.  See y’all Friday, April 9th at the Ranch at 0530.