Yes, its far. I know.

by | May 6, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: grouper, no-see-um, belding, miley, cheesehead, flat tire, dba, waterbpoy, hooker, saint, big papi, hitchhiker, rubntugg

What a beautiful day for a good ‘ole F3 Nature Coast block beatdown, and then some TNT! YHC loves Thursdays! YHC showed up early to scout out the AO for some good landmarks to use for the pain! The men of F3 Nature Coast reviewed the 5 F3 core principals and went straight to work.

Warm up

Warmup – SSH, blockees, block press, block swings, block Lunges, coupon mosey half lap around tennis courts to Field of Pain..

At the FOP:

Between tree 1 and 3 (approx 40yds). YHC heard many groans why we couldn’t go between trees 1 and 2. Yes, its far. I know. Suck it up.

Murder bunnies x 40yd, back pedal with brick back 40yd, bear crawl pull throughs with brick 40yd, murder bunnies back to start x 3 rounds. Finish early? 1 arm rifle carry while bringing in the six.

OK. A little relief for the PAX. Between 2 trees (approx 20 yds):

10 blockees, rifle carry 20 yds, 9 block squats, rifle carry 20 yds, 8 blockees, rifle carry 20 yds, 7 block squats,… down to 1.Finish early? block walking lunges while bringing in the six.

Circle up in the FOP:

10 block Swings, 10 block Press x 3 rounds

10 alternating side to side block merkins, 10 block squats x 3 rounds

10 block bicep curls, 10 block triceps extensions x 3 rounds


COT: Numerous prayers for the PAX.

Great TNT today. Great to know the men of F3 Nature coast can relate to one another and share wisdom and encouragement!