BINGO MILES and Easy 100

by | May 15, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Dba
PAX POSTED: Bison, Belding, RubNTug, Chowdah, Vanilla Ice, Goose, Anchorman, Urkel, dba, FNG - Tebow

Glorious Saturday morning, 10 HIM (including FNG Tebow) ready for the beatdown at the Boneyard. Thinking and morally supporting other F3 brothers who are participating in Growrock, we prayed for the strength and good luck for them.

With quick disclaimer and the core principles of F3 we started our business.

Warm up: 10 IC
SSH, Frenkestine, Imperial walker, Wind Mills

The Thang:
BINGO MILES and Easy 100

Below exercises were listed and all Pax were given a sheet of paper with 7 random numbers from 1 to 12. Similarly 12 folded papers were kept to draw a number.
One of the Pax draw a number to scratch the Bingo sheet and do the corresponding exercises for 100 counts easy way.
1. Squats *
2. Dying Cockroach
3. Leg raises
4. Split jack *
5. Big Boy Setups<span;>
6. Merkins *
7. Lunges
8. American Hammers
9. Groiners *
10. Jump Squats *
11. LBCs *
12. Frenkestine *
After each exercises all Pax Mosey around the dog park and the playground then wait for the six before drawing another number.

We are able to get in 7 exercises (*) and 7 laps of mosey by the time we were left with 3 minutes.
No one got lucky 7 numbers to win BINGO.

So we did unlucky 7 may be we were slower.

7 SSH one side and 7,6,5,3…1 Burpees on the other side.

Boys were just warmed up but we ran out of time. We will see if we can get better to get closer to Chowdha’s 1000 reps and Belding’s 3+ miles.

– Prayers and best wishes for all the HIMs participating in Growrock
– Prayers for Urkel, Chowdha, YHC’s families struggling with Health issues.