Soak It ALL IN

by | May 25, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: No-See-Um
PAX POSTED: Haka, Grouper, DBA, Vanellope, Apnea, Belding, Flat Tire, Miley, Vanilla Ice, Cheesehead, Smoggy, Chowdah, Urkel, Hitchhiker, Nancy, Dillio, Malware, Mole, Splinter, Boobie, Waterboy, Big Papi, Hooker, Baywatch, Solo, Anchorman, Aaayyy, Toto (FNG), No-See-Um, Endo


Today was billed as Monday Murph Madness when YHC put out a tease on Sunday evening. A few HC’s followed, but also a few “Not even going to entertain posting #ITG” comments…haha. 


NSU: “But it is YHC’s last Q in the Nature Coast”….. Should’ve known there was something up the sleeves of the pax as they never cease to amaze! The parking lot was full, several pax were already stretching at the picnic benches and oh yea, Apnea was also already in attendance and there was still 7 minutes before go-time. Something was definitely up!!

 30 for a Monday!!!



Mosey towards Cheesehead and picked him up on the way as we cut into the fields at the halfway point. Karaoke, Side Shuffle, Mosey to open grass area near playground to see this amazing group circle up and take up the entire space!

SSH, Imp. Walkers, Frankensteins, and maybe a few more that I’ve forgotten by now.



The Thang:


Time for a little Mini-Murph to get the pax warmed up for Saturday’s fun that Baywatch has already announced 🙂


1/4 mile run 


5 sets of the following:


  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 squats


1/4 mile run


Mosey to the soccer fields for some Four Corners w/ Escalator:

10 Burpees

20 Bonnie Blair’s

30 Bobby Hurleys

40 Box Cutters


History lesson time:

-When did F3 Lutz first plant the flag?

  • Anchorman: December 5 years ago….CORRECT!!!

-Most tenures pax besides YHC?

  • Vanellope: Dillio…..INCORRECT as it is actually DBA! – 5 Burpee penalty

-How many pax started/finished GTE018 overnight ruck?

  • Hooker: 5….CORRECT!!! (may or may not have been a little assistance from the Q here..hahaha!)

Because 2 out of 3 correct, Four Corners again but no escalator and only 10 reps each of all.


Time to mosey back to the flag. While on the way Haka and YHC were leading the pack….Haka looked over and said “Turn Around….”. I took a quick peak thinking there was a special guest or something that maybe snuck into the workout. Then Haka said “….And Soak It All In”. What I instantly saw was an amazing group of #HIM all in two rows staying together, taking that Daily Red Pill and being committed to acceleration #ITG.


***I get chills just thinking back to that moment while writing this backblast!! WOOOO!!!



With about 6-7 minutes left,  YHC knew that his planned finish would be perfect for the time remaining.


BTTW for as long as each man could hold.  When you drop, Burpees until the last man comes down.  It was a fierce battle at the end with Splinter edging out Flat Tire and Haka!


Wall Sits now with every man giving a 10 count…….this caused lots of moaning and groaning for certain.


Lastly, with a minute left time for one set of 21’s. YHC would count SSH In Cadence through 5 and then silent for the rest of the way.  For 29 total (30 counting Endo with the film work), the pax did pretty damn awesome!




  • Praise and continued prayers for Smoggy’s 2.0 and family as he just came home from hospital on Sunday.
  • Prayers for YHC as well as this was of course last Q at the Nature Coast and safe travels later in the week for the move back up to Atlanta.
  • Continued prayers for Endo as he recovers from knee surgery.
  • Prayers for all those with things going on their lives that they aren’t willing to share.



  • FNG challenge in full swing and Haka already getting his team on the board with and FNG today!
  • Adopt road for F3 Nature Coast with more details in the coming weeks.
  • Lots of talk about CSAUP’s coming so see slack channel #CSAUP to keep up with the action.




Unbelievable morning here at #TheDistrict as 30 total pax avoided the fartsack and posted on a MONDAY! Say it again out loud…..30!!!  WOOOO! YHC was really in awe for the amazing showing for my last Q. 


Great to have Endo back out as well there at the end and be our filmographer as he recovers from knee surgery.  Also, welcome to visitor Aaaayyyyy from Austin and FNG Toto (Haka getting his team on the board!!).


All the gifts have been amazing….the golf outing, the 2nd F, etc.….it all truly means so much. However, like I mentioned during the COT what means more than anything is seeing so many #HIM post and give it away to other men that need F3 in their lives. We are conquering Sad Clown Syndrome one man at a time.


Splinter had a nice gift at the end and also immediately had some ideas for some challenges coming up and Haka said it best…. “You are Freed To Lead brother”.  Indeed we all are and as the F3 mission states we are here to Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for Men for the invigoration of Male Community Leadership. SOAK IT ALL IN MEN…….YHC believes that today was proof that the men of F3 Nature Coast are doing just that, and we are just getting started!