Speed Zone

by | May 25, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Flat Tire
PAX POSTED: Flat Tire, Grouper, Hitchhiker, Smokey, No-See-Um, Chowdah(Boston), Belding, Urkel, Vanellope, Hooker, CheeseHead, Waterboy, DBA, Baywatchm Dillio, Aaaayyyy(Austin) Apnea, Miley, Bubbles

YHC felt a little nervous about giving the Q this morning not sure why but maybe just lots on the mind and not being totally experience with Qing.  YHC was out early setting up for the Q but one early bird PAX would catch YHC in the act.

With 5 minutes to go YHC was thinking it was going to me a small count of PAX but they started to roll in and we got to 19 HIM.

Welcome 2 visitors Chowdah (Boston) and Aaaayyyy (Austin)!

YHC gave quick disclaimer and went over the 5 core principles of F3.


  • 15 SSH (IC)
  • 10 Frankenstein (IC)
  • 10 Daisy Pickers\ Tappy-Taps (IC)
  • 15 Merkins (IC)
  • 15 Shoulder Taps (IC)
  • 15 Solute Planks (IC)
  • 15 Plank Jacks (IC)

Mosey to round about by the tennis courts


  • YHC instructed the PAX to grab a line. at first line perform 1 burpee walking lunges to second line and perform 2 burpees… so on until all around, 7 lines total.

Mosey to grab blocks and water. Mosey to the mailboxes.

Main Course

YHC split the PAX into 2 groups to allow room at the playground. YHC had a course mapped out that consisted of 4 cones and the playground.

  • At first cone perform all exercises with block
    • 25 Goblet Squats
    • 25 Block Swings
    • 25 Block Curls
    • 25 Block Overhead press
    • 25 Block Dead Lift

PAX were instructed to not place block down until all exercises were completed.

  • Mosey to second cone (7 yards),
  • hard sprint to third cone (30 yards)
  • Mosey to fourth cone (7 yards)

At the playground perform

  • 10 pull ups
  • 25 Merkins
  • 25 Derkins
  • 25 Dips
  • 25 Big Boy Sit ups

Rinse and Repeat 3 rounds..


  • Prayers for all the HIM that posted and started the day off correct.
  • Prayers for all that have things on their mind and those who could not post today.