Hate or Fav?

by | May 26, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Belding
PAX POSTED: Haka, Smoggy, Hooker, Hitchhiker, Chowda, Flat Tire, Big House (FNG), Belding

A beautiful morning at the district.  After having 30 and 19 PAX post the last 2 days some couldn’t slay the dragon for a Belding beatdown, but still has a solid 8 #HIM.  As the PAX arrived each was directed to take a white board and write any 2 exercises on it with or without involving a coupon.

Brief disclaimer given and welcomed the FNG.  Short mosey to the grass area.

SSH IC x10

Tappy tappy taps IC x10

Baby arm circles IC x10

Tempo Squats IC x10

Merkins IC x10


Back to the tables to pick up the boards and blocks, then off to the side entrance to the fields.


The Crowd Source Thing

Each PAX reveled their exercise for the group to complete.

Haka-Burpees and Blockees

Hitchhiker-Hand release merkins and Overhead press with Block

Hooker-Big Boy Sit-ups and hand release merkins

Big House-Burpees and Jump squats

Chowda-Supermans and hand release merkins

Smoggy-Freddy Mercury and Carolina Dry docks

Flat Tire-Merkins and Big Boy Sit-ups

Belding-Swings with Block and Curls


Each PAX would rotate from station to station completing the first exercise on the board, working for 45 secs, 10 secs to move.  After all 8 stations mosey around the large field with SSH for the six.

Second round complete the 2nd exercise (45 work, 10 move).  Another mosey.

For the 3rd round each PAX could choose the exercise from the board to complete (45/10).  Mosey around the small field.

Grab the gear and back to the tables.

1 min remaining for wall sits with 10 count by each PAX.




Welcome Big House (FNG)

Hitchhicker’s M recovering from infection

Smoggy’s 2.0 check up went well.  Gaining weight and looking strong

Belding’s 2.0 on graduation and best wishes for college at FGCU