by | Jun 14, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Big Papi
PAX POSTED: Waterboy, Hitchhiker, Nancy, DBA, Rub-n-Tub, Smoggy, grouper, Urkel, Chowdah, Haka, Tebow, Seltzer, Eggplant, Crab Legs and Junky.

17 HIM showed up for a Mosey/Suicide kind of day. A hot Saturday morning at the Bone Yard. 10 Burpees penalty for me as I forgot to bring the flag! 4 FNG’s (good job Haka and Nancy).

Warm up:

  • SSH
  • Shoulder taps
  • Merkins
  • Windmills

Mosey to Bexley Blvd for the following exercises:c

5 light poles:

1 Pole: 20 lunges

2 Pole: 20 merkins

3 Pole:  20 BBS

4 Pole:   20 Squats

5 Pole: 20 mountain climbers

Mosey to soccer field.

Suicides @ soccer field:

Flutter kicks

Shoulder taps



Mosey back to AO.

123 Dora

*300 Flutter kicks

*200 BBS

123 Dora was cut short due to time, but finished with 5 burpees and the completion of my 10 burpees.

Welcome FNG’s Eggplant, Junky, Seltzer and Crab Legs


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