Exploring and EHing on a Monday

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Chowdah
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Boobie, Waterboy, Haka, Grouper, Flat Tire, Smoggy, Miley, Dunkin, Chowdah

10 PAX arrived this Monday morning at the District to start the week off right. YHC decided let’s go explore some new area and do some EHing! Challenge- any opportunity to EH a passerby, do it. If the we don’t EH or we get no response—burpees!

The Warm-Up:

Mosey to the street and over to the “fitness” area.

  • 10 SSH (IC)
  • 10 Frankensteins (IC)
  • 10 Mountain Climbers (IC)
  • 10 Baby Arm Circles, F/B (IC)

Beatdown; exploring time!

Mosey to the round about near schools: exercises

  • 20 Tempo Squat Jumps (OYO)
  • 20 Tempo Dips (OYO)
  • Broad Jumps half way around the round about; Walking lunges around other half

Mosey to Whitfield Park: exercise

Partner up- round 1: Similar idea to Dora

  • 50 merkins split with partner (while partner runs to the hill)

Round 2

  • 100 LBCs split with partner; run to hill; bear crawl over hill and back.

Quick 10 count

Mosey to round-about; north of the park

  • Indian Run
  • Bruce Lee
    • 20 LBCs
    • 20 Flutter Kicks
    • 20 Freddy Mercurys
    • 20 Dying Cockroach
    • 20 American Hammers

Mosey to round-about, west of current location

  • Mucho Chesto:
    • 10 Merkins
    • 10 Diamond Merkins
    • 10 Wide Merkins
    • 10 Left side staggered Merkins
    • 10 Right side staggered Merkins

Mosey back to the start!

  • Wall sit until the six is in
  • Last minute; balls to the wall


  • Strength to the PAX and their relationships w/ their M’s
  • Prayers to all the 2.0s whether returning to school for week 1 or 2
  • Prayers to all those fighting at home or overseas to keep us safe
    • Specifics to those in Afghanistan with recent developments
  • Welcome FNG- Dunkin