1st & 10

by | Aug 22, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: 1st & 10
PAX POSTED: Hitchhiker, Waterboy, Nancy, Big papi, CZ, RubnTug, Polaroid, Focker, DBA, Junky, Miley, IKEA

QIC: Tebow

PAX: Hitchhiker, Waterboy, Nancy, Big papi, CZ, RubnTug, Polaroid, Focker, DBA, Junky, Miley, IKEA

In honor of football season we set up a 100 yard field with markers every 10 yards. After a warm up mosey PAX met up at the 0yd line and began the BD.

0yd line: sprint to end & 18 big boy sit-ups
Jog back to 10yd line
10yd line: 2 Burpees, sprint to end, & 16 big boy sit-ups.
Jog back to 20yd line
20yd line: 4 Burpees, sprint to end, & 14 big boy sit-ups.
Jog back to 30yd line
30yd line: 6 Burpees, sprint to end, & 12 big boy sit-ups
And so on until PAX reached the 100yd line.

Afterwards PAX split up into two groups and did two rounds of the following.

1st group did Indian run around the field while the 2nd group did the following BD.
5 pull ups
10 dips
15 rows
20 Mercins
25 sit-ups

When the 1st group finished the Indian run, it was their turn for the BD and the 2nd group did the Indian run.

After the 2nd round, PAX ran back to the field to do “20 squared”.

Sprint 20yds, shimmy right 20yds, backpedal 20yds, shimmy left 20 yds.

While PAX waited in line, PAX rotated through SSH, Mercins, SSH, big boy sit-ups, & SSH until it was our turn to do “20 squared”.