Old Fashioned Circuit Workout

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Back Blasts

PAX POSTED: Rub N Tug, Cheesehead, Urkel, Grouper, Petey, Big papi, Just Do It, Apnea, CZ, DBA, WATERBOY, Hitchhiker, DILLIO, Smokey

Beautiful Thursday morning with cool breeze and 14 HIMs are ready to get some sweat out.
With quick disclaimer and reciting 5 core principles of F3, we are on it.

Warm Up:
SSH – 14 IC
Cotton Picker – 14 IC
Imperial Walker – 14 IC

YHC has planned for old fashioned circuit workout for today. Stations were marked around the Basket Ball court with different workouts.

PAX will Move to next station after the PAX completes Moseying around the dog park. Some stations were removed as there were not enough PAX to fill them.

1. Skipping Rope
2. Thruster with Block
3. Big Boy Setups
4. Burpees
5. Abs wheel
6. Curl with Block
7. Dying Cockroach
8. Squats
9. Overhead press with Ruck
10. American Hammers
11. Merkins
12. Lunges
13. Jump Squats — Removed —–
14. Freddie Mercury
15. Frankenstein — Removed —–
16. Swing with Block
17. Bear Crawl — Removed after Rub N Tug got it 1st round ——
18. Mosey around

No break and keep moving, until the clock ticks. We got 2 rounds of this.

The music (Arabian tune by DBA and choice of Urkel) got “F” rate today. This is the 4th F YHC learned growing with the F3 boys 🙂

TNT – Expressions from PAX about the important of coming out and working out with F3 brother. Thankful for motivation and encouragement from one another.

– Prayers for Grouper’s Brother In-law for quick recovery
– Prayers for Anchorman and his family for the loss of his father
– Prayers for Baywatch and family so that they can kick the butt of Rona
– Prayers for Smokey and his M as they are welcoming their 3rd 2.0 tomorrow.

Have great rest of your day. Keep eyes on 2nd F and 3rd F channels for upcoming events.