CMU gorilla pain

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: grouper, no-see-um, belding, just do it, C.Z., smoggy, chowdah, apnea, smokey, big papi, petey, hitchhiker, dba

13 PAX showed ready to put in some work. It was a beautiful morning in the low 70’s. Great mild temps for the concrete massacre. PAX were ecstatic about brining their CMU’s.




Block Swings

Block presses

Block temp squats

Block good mornings

Bock elf on a shelf

The thang:

PAX stayed circled up at the Bball courts and we performed an EMOM of the following exercises. We started at 5 reps of each exercise and went up by 1 every minute on the minute until 11.

Jump Squats with block

overhead press with block

sumo front squat with block

YHC noticed the PAX unable to finish the 11 reps within the minute so off to the FOP we went.

At the Field of Pain:

3 rounds:

murder bunnies 40 yds, back pedal back with block, blocks and bears 40 yds, walking block lunges back to start.

PAX stayed at the FOP and we performed the gorilla complex x 6 rounds with our CMU’s:

8 block curls

8 high pulls

8 overhead presses

8 tricep extensions

8 merkins

run to the sidewalk at other end of the field.

It was about the last round, YHC heard @justdoit keep saying to himself “yes sir.” This guy accepts the challenge and will fight to the very end. #ISI

PAX finished just in time. Great job by all. Huge shout out to C.Z. for winning the consistency battle, and congratulations to @petey for replacing his weirdo square cinder block!

COT: prayers for pax dealing with various life challenges

Moleskin: see slack for more details on the upcoming clearwater convergence, ax throwing, and feeding tampa bay 3rd F events.