Field of Dreams?

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Chowdah, Hitchhiker, Grouper

QIC: Grouper
PAX: Apnea, Chowdah, Hitchhiker, Grouper

Hot and humid morning and 4 PAX in attendance ready to do work! All regulars and straight to business.

SSH IC x 15
Frankenstein IC x 15
Shoulder Tap IC x 15
Mountain Climbers IC x 15
Merkin IC x 10
Baby Arm Circles IC x 10 (+reverse)

Exercise at 4 corners of field/complex (perimeter of both fields) with mosey in between.

4 sets of the following:

10 burpees
20 squats
30 merkins
40 money humpers
50 flutters (hard way)

SSH while waiting on PAX at each corner

Back to start point for a little fun to celebrate the start of the MLB playoffs. Field of Dreams? Not so much….

Each PAX would have their chance to take two swings each, picking the exercise of choice with the following designated rep penalties based on how far they were able to hit the ball (in the dark basically!!)

Swing and miss- 40 reps
1st cone – 30 reps
2nd cone- 20 reps
3rd cone- 10 reps
Over the fence (HR)- no reps

Shout out to @ Chowdah for the only home run! Boston did beat the Yanks after all last night (sorry @Apnea).

Slowsy back to home base

Bear crawl to each corner
Set of Bruce Lee at each corner- once 6 sets completed, bear crawl to starting point.


Nice work by all men this AM!!

Check Slack for upcoming events

Prayers for @Chowdah and his upcoming travel.

Prayers for all PAX unable to attend and those who may have something on their mind they are unwilling to share.