Seltzer VQ

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Seltzer
PAX POSTED: Seltzer, Smokey, Petey, Vanellope, Dillio, Haka, Saint, Apnea, Chowdah, Cricket, Grouper, Hooker, Pritchard, Waterboy, Hitchhiker, DBA

It was a fun morning for a VQ with a supportive PAX.  No FNG in attendance.

After a brief reminder from veteran pax on proper cadence flow, we were off with the warm-up: SSH x 15, Muricans x 10, BBS x 10.

Mosey #1 – Then it was on to a first of many moseys to the round-a-bout and back around the basketball courts to the field of pain.

Inch Worms – The PAX were met with a triangle of cones at the field, 30 yards apart.  Bear Crawl Inch Worms were the first path from Cone 1 to Cone 2 (PAX lined up head to feet and were in a plank waiting for their turn to bear crawl to the front of the line).  Cone 2 to Cone 3 required a Frogger and the last stretch from Cone 2 to Cone 3 squat jumps.

Mosey #2 – On to the next mosey back to the round-a-bout and around the courts to the field of pain.

Bermuda Triangles – Back to field of pain for a full Bermuda Triangle (1 burpee at Cone 1, run to Cone 2 for 2 burpees, backward run to Cone 3 for round of 3 burpees) This was done completely x 3.

Mosey #3 – Same as above

Inch Worms (zombie) – The dreaded cones remain, this time PAX split into groups of 8 for a Zombie Crawl Inch Worm race for 30 yards.  Similar to the bear crawl above, but this time PAX were on ground with legs raised while the rear PAX did a zombie crawl all the way to the front (crawling with both legs dragging behind you).

Mosey #4 – Same as above

Back to the field for lunges up the incline at the fence and sprint to the other side, return to the fence for Frogger up the incline and sprint to the other side – all x 3.

Finished our time at the field with high knees and drops-in-place on Qs calls.

Mosey #5 – Final run back around to the court for COT.

Great advice was given by veteran PAX on things that went well and things to work on next time for future Qs.

Moment of silence for prayers to focus on things were are grateful for in life.  Continued prayers for Just-Do-It and those going through struggles in life.