Free Disney+ Subscription

by | Oct 30, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Tebow
PAX POSTED: Grouper, Photoshop, Polaroid, Rub n Tug, Bison, Cricket, IKEA, Big Papi

8 PAX heard about the free Disney+ subscription giveaway today at The Boneyard sponsored by Tebow. Big Papi, Polaroid, Photoshop, Rub n Tug, Grouper, Bison, Cricket, and IKEA unfortunately did not read the terms and conditions.

PAX first warmed up with a little SSH, Windmill, and Frankensteins.

Then onto a hybrid Merkin mile where PAX split into two groups. Pax did 25 Merkins, ran 1/8 mile, did 8 pull ups, ran 1/8 mile, 25 BBSU, 1/8 mile, 15 rows, and repeat again.

PAX then saw that the “free” Disney+ subscription was actually the Boneyard in the shape of a plus sign. Pax had to run to each end of the plus sign where was a station filled with a magical Disney themed workout. PAX made it through 2 rounds and all needed fairy dust at the end to get them to the finish

Station 1, Round 1: 10 Mickey Mouse Merkins. Round 2: 10 Princess Tea Party Merkins with a 2 minute back to back with partner in the chair position.

Station 2, Round 1: The Little Mermaid 10 each side. Round 2: 10 Wolverines.

Station 3, Round 1: 10 Iron Hulks. Round 2: 10 Jiminey Crickets

(With blocks) Station 4, Round 1: 10 Lion Kings. Round 2: Pinocchio (PAX circled up and laid down with heads towards middle and shoulders touching  while passing a couple blocks and did 20 flutter kicks, 20 Freddy Mercurys, then burpees while passing the block.)

Station 5, Round 1: 10 Spiderman Merkins. Round 2: 10 Imperial Squat Walkers.

To finish up PAX did another hybrid Merkin Mile.