Roasting Turkey

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Back Blasts

PAX POSTED: Baywatch, Haka, Grouper, Hooker, Waterboy, dba, Flat Tire, Smoggy, Tebow

Thanksgiving day is here!! Very thankful to the family and friends. Also big thank you to  the leadership of the F3 Nation for the idea and thank you to No-See-Um for bringing F3 to our community.

Here we go, we are going to roast our Turkey (Block) today. Carry your block whatever way it makes you Happier.

– Mosey to the roundabout
SSH, Wind Mills,  Frenkestine

– Indian Run around the lake.
Stop 1:
20 curls, 20 overhead presses, 20 Goblet Sqats

Stop 2:
20 leg raises, 20 Big Boy Setup to Block raises,  20 Goblet Sqats

6 stops alternating set 1 and 2

– At FOP – facing the flag
10 Block Swings
Sprint to the other side
5 Blockie and Sprint back
3 Rounds

6:15 and we stopped though some PAX wanted more.

Prayers for BigPapi’s mom, Apnea’s mom for quick recovery.
Prayers for Waterboy’s parents, DBA’s parents for better choices and decisions in their aging life.
Prayers for all the F3 brothers and their family members traveling this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

MOW in the books!!