3M Music Tour

by | Nov 30, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Seltzer
PAX POSTED: Chowdah, Seltzer

It was a “Just the 2 of Us” kind of morning with a nice chill in the air…this BD would be heavy on the Music, Mosey, and Merkins.

Baby Arm Circles x 15 both ways
Happy Jacks x 4 (5 x SSH in cadence, after 5th do 2 squats)
[Music] Danger Zone – Hold plank with shoulder taps for every “Danger Zone”

MUSICAL TOUR, let the Music be your guide with specific exercise themed songs in DJ Seltzer made F3 playlist *Rule, every time a patriotic song plays you drop to ground and perform merkins until song complete, try to hit at least 50 merkins*
1) “Born to Run” = Mosey (4:29)
2) “Stars & Stripes” = Muricans (2:33)
3) “Run Run Rudolph” = Mosey (2:44)
4) “Old Town Road” = Mosey (2:37)
5) Arrive to Locust Park as a first stop, “Jump Around” = 40 box jumps or step ups (hard), 40 lunges, until completion of song
6) “Take Me Home Country Road” = Mosey (3:13)
7) “Battle Hymn of Republic” = Merkins (1:26)
8) “Jump” = Diamond David Lee Roth Burpee (burpee with a David Lee Roth scissor kick) (4:10)
9) “Hit the Road Jack” = Mosey (1:59)
10) “Yankee Doodle” = Merkins (1:16)
Return to Boneyard to finish with a “Thunderstruck” with squats/star jumps (4:52)

COT – prayers for our fellow F3 brothers