Burpees, Block Home Run

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Back Blasts

PAX POSTED: Cricket, WATERBOY, Splinter, Miley, Hitchhiker, DBA, Chowdah, Apnea

YHC took the Q today as it is 500th Post in F3 workouts and will be DR rest of the week. Wanted no regrets for rest of the week.

8 PAX ready to start the week with exercises involving the Block and Burpees.

5:30 am and with quick disclaimer we started our business.

Warm up: SSH, Frenkestine, Wind Mills IC

The Thang: 4 Cornors (Bases) were set. The Block has to travel to all the bases along with defined exercises.

Round 1:
B0: 10 Burpees, Carry the Block to next base
B1: 25 curls (leave the Block to next base)
B2: 25 Dying Cockroach
B3: 25 BBS

Repeat until the Block makes Home Run

Round 2:
B0: 10 Burpees
B1: 25 Overhead presses
B2: 25 American Hammers
B3: 25 Merkins

Repeat until the Block makes Home Run.

We could get only 2 rounds.

2 minutes remaining after Round 2, we all did 20 Burpees to make 100 Burpees for the day.


Prayers for Apnea’s M, BigPapi’s mother

Prayers for all F3 brothers DR or Fartsacking or not able to post due to injury or some other reasons.

Please remember next week’s Christmas party, Cards for Veterans, Hosting a Family.

Have a wonderful day!!!