Just the two of us

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: haka
PAX POSTED: chowdah

2 Pax for a foggy BD at The Boneyard. Bearpee patrol was out in full force. At least we don’t forget our weinkes at the Boneyard. #responsibility #theyarecountingonyou

quick warmup:

Groiners, Windmill, Chinooks

Extended Warmup

SSH x 10 Burpees x 10 x 3 Rounds

The Thang:

20 x 3-Point Merkins, 20 x Reverse Lunges, 20 x Sweat Angels, Run to the end of the street and back. x 3 Rounds.

Chowdah and I then did the following at the field:

20 Squats, 20 Bobby Hurleys, 20 Lunges, 20 Split Jacks. Then we ran to the other field off of ballantrae blvd and repeated the same sequence.

Same field we did some Bearpees (1:4 ratio of Burpees to Bear Crawls), we made it to 5:20 going forward and then crawl beared back down to 1:4.

Mosey back to the starting field. We did 3 rounds of Patty Cake Merkins, we spaced out about 20m and bear crawled to the middle and performed 10 patty cake Merkins .We repeated this 3 times. Arms were smoked!

With 4 minutes left we finished with some Mary.

Done. Great stuff today Chowdah.