Making it to 2nd Base

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Miley
PAX POSTED: Hooker, Cricket

YHC arrived at The District at first thinking he would be conducting a solo beatdown. While waiting in my truck checking to see if Apnea’s would be sending his usual message inquiring which way we’ll be headed, Hooker pulled in with a minute to spare.

Off to a mosey towards the tennis courts, and as we get to the lot, we see Cricket come racing in. Circle back for the 6 and mosey back to the courts for some warmup.

Sets of 10s all IC: Windmill, Tappity Tap Taps, Frankensteins, Seal Clap, Overhead Clap

Hold plank for the next exercises, all sets of 10 IC: Merkin, Mt. Climbers, Plank Jack, Merkin

Indian Run with a burpee in the back around the lot in front of the school and circle back to in front of the front door.

DORA 1, 2, 3 – 100 merkin, 200 monkey humpers, 300 BBS (modified to finish with LBC)

20 minutes left and Q handed off to Cricket. He didn’t see me calling him out on slack the night before, so he was voluntold to make it up as he went.

Indian run with burpee in the back to the tennis court lot and circle up

All IC: 11ish squats, 16ish lunges

Mosey back to the imaginary flag

OYO –   30 irkin, 30 leg lifts

30 derkin, 30 leg lifts

30 merkin, 30 leg lifts

Mosey to the road and back in between each set

OYO –   3 sets of 30 step ups EW, 15 sec plank

Finished up our last set in the nick of time. More like getting the 2nd base than a full on VQ for Cricket, but he rose to the occasion like a true HIM.


Prayers for Hitchhiker’s 2.0

Prayers for Apnea’s M

Prayers for NSU