Monday Mosey with Miley

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Back Blasts

QIC: Miley
PAX POSTED: Cheesehead, CZ, Hitchhiker, Splinter, Chowdah, Big House, Nano, Rub N Tug

Beautiful Monday morning at the District with a great showing from PAX to burn off all those Christmas indulgences! Disclaimer given and off to mosey.

Mosey to  grassy oval by road for Warm Up, all IC: Windmill x 10, Tappity Tap Taps x 10, Frankenstein x 10, Imperial walkers x 10, SSH x 15

Mosey to Lake Path & line up Indian Run style:

5 long jump burpees, PAX in back sprint to front

5 walking lunges HW, PAX in back sprint to front

Finish one full rotation, the mosey to end of the Lake Path.

Could not pass up getting a chance to frolic in “the good grass”, so we did a set of Bruce Lees in the median at the end of the lake path.

Mosey to library, taking the scenic route along the pond.

Split into 2 groups

10 merkins, 15 squat, 20 mountain climber HW – sprint to other side and back

  • Last team back does 10 burpees, winning team 20 flutters HW

(2) rounds

Mosey back towards flag. Stopped along the way for a little PT.

In the lot behind Creative World School – Circle up holding plank for all exercices: Merkin x 10, plank jack x 10, plank x 10

In the lot in front of the Library – walking lunges from one light pole to the next

Back to the flag for sprints: 6 rounds of 30ish yrds AYG

6:15 and down painment paid.


Always thankful to get out and lead. We need to do some more EHing of our existing PAX to slay that dragon and post. Hardest part is getting out of your warm and cozy fartsack. Need to get more HCs the night before so it’s not an option to hit that snooze button!!

YHC also announced that post beatdown pics will be boycotted until our F3 Nature Coast media man @Urkel starts posting