Merkins with Miley

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Miley
PAX POSTED: Waterboy, Hooker, Cricket, Floppy, Grouper

Windy morning in the 50s at The District. Quick disclaimer given, and off for a mosey to get the blood flowing. Out around the grassy oval and back to the tables by the restroom.

Warm up all IC:

Windmill x 10

Frankenstein x 10

Tappity Taps x 10

Seal clap x 10

Overhead clap x 10

SSH x 15

Following exercises all IC while holding plank in between:

Merkin x 10

Plank jack x 10

Shoulder taps x 10

Mt climbers x 10

Wide merkins x 10


Tha Thang:

Following exercises all IC while PAX held legs in the air between:

Flutter kicks x 15

Rosalita x 10

Dolly x 10

Freddy mercury x 10

Crab walk around restrooms

Irkin, dirkin, merkin x 10 each, IC

Bearcrawl around restrooms

Squat, Monkey humpers, step ups EW x 20 each, OYO

Walking lunges around restrooms

Rinse and repeat

Finish off with 5 burpees bringing us right to 6:15. Good work by all PAX – crab walks seemed to be a crowd favorite!


Congrats to Splinter for completing his 100 mile race over the weekend

Congrats to Hitchhiker and Chowdah for completing their 65 miler over the weekend

YHC urged PAX to sign up for these CSUAPS. They are painful, but there’s nothing more rewarding than training and completing these events with your fellow brothers.