Ring around the Fields

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Apnea, Hitchhiker, C.Z, Cheeshead
54 degrees in the Gloom this morning YHC only had long sleeve shirt no need to bundle up. Rain let up but instead of the fields we set out for the sidewalk. Quick disclaimer and off to the beatdown.
Leg stretch, touch toes right side 30 seconds
Middle 30 seconds
Left 30 seconds
SSH 15 ic
Quad stretch
Tappity tap taps 10
Tempo squats 10
The Thang
Ring around the soccer fields 4 laps
4 corners plus sidewalks
1st corner concession stand
10 hand release merkins run to sidewalk
5 Burpees
Run to corner
25 Bobby Hurleys
Run to corner
50 squats
Run to sidewalk 5 Burpees
Run to corner
75 monkey humpers
Back to start
Rinse repeat x 4
Bruce Lee till 6 in
672 reps 2 miles completed
Warm down leg stretch right middle left
Quad stretch time
Continued prayers to Drew’s Family and Seltzer. Prayers for and answers for Urkel as he is dealing with stomach pains. Prayers to PAX that continue to struggle with what we are dealing with on a daily basis.

Keep an eye out on 2nd F channel as Cheesehead gears up for an epic 2nd F year