Back and forth (Feb 26)

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Smoggy
PAX POSTED: Endo, Vanellope

Intimate Saturday morning (Feb 26) 6am beatdown with 3 PAX ready to start the weekend off right. 6am arrived and HIM started off into the gloom.



  • Mosey to other side of dog park and back
  • 10 burpees
  • In cadence 10 of the following:
    • SSH
    • Forward arm circle
    • Backward arm circle
    • Tappy taps
    • Wind mill
    • Monkey humpers
  • 10 burpees


The Thang:

  • Started with a round of 11s… Jump squats on one side of the field, mosey across the field (long side) and do carolina dry docks.
  • After finishing 11s, PAX grabbed a quick sip and moseyed to pull bar area around the other side of the dog park
  • 3 rounds of… 5 pull ups, 10 horizontal rows (hanging from bar), 10 dips
  • Mosey over to the school parking lot to complete a suicide ladder up and down:
    • Mosey to first grass median, 5 burpees, and back to start
    • Mosey to second grass median, 10 merkins, and back to start
    • Mosey to third grass median, 15 prisoner lunges (hard way), and back to start
    • Mosey to fourth grass median, 20 american hammers (hard way), and back to start
    • After that, PAX went down the ladder… i.e. started running to fourth grass median, 20 American hammers (hard way), and back to start, etc.
  • Mosey back to pull up area for a set of:
    • Much chesto, 10 each of
      • Merkin
      • Wide merkin
      • Diamond merkin
      • Stagger left merkin
      • Stagger right merkin
    • Bruce lee, 20 reps of
      • LBCs
      • Flutter kicks
      • Hammer
      • Dying cockroach
      • Freddie mercury
      • BBS
  • Mosey back to field where we completed Lazy Dora, Dora without mosey
    • 50 merkins (1 PAX did 10 merkins while other PAX held plank, then rotated to next, etc.)
    • 120 LBC (1 PAX did 20 LBC while other PAX did plank jacks)
    • Squats (1 PAx did 20 squats while other PAX did jump squats)… we ended into this segment
  • Finished with 3 burpees for the 3 PAX in attendance



  • Shout to the PAX rucking in the first Nature Coast Ruck event!
  • Prayers for those who could not be out with us in the 6am gloom