Chippendale Style

by | Mar 12, 2022 | Back Blasts


Quote of the day:  “I thought you promised no mosey or burpees?!”  ~Grouper~

11 PAX posted (3 Chippendale style) on an extremely windy pre-hurricane beatdown.  No mosey or burpees stated by YHC, but hey if we can’t tell a little white lie every once in awhile then are we really even living life to the fullest???  Burpees and Mosey it is then for a straight hour!  The disclaimer was given and every PAX would be called upon multiple times to answer questions pertaining to F3…answer correctly keep moseying, incorrect and there would be a 5 burpee penalty for everyone…


  • Split into 2 lines…Endomorph (thicker dudes typically 200+lbs) and Ectomorph (thinner men)…performed incorrectly…BURPEES X5
  • SSH  –  X10  –  IC
  • FRANKENSTEIN  –  X10  –  IC
  • MERKINS  –  X10  –  IC


  • Mosey (approx. 3 miles give or take with trivia along the way every couple hundred yards per rules stated above)


Questions were broken into 2 categories…Easy (for newer PAX to answer) and Hard (for experienced PAX to expand their knowledge)


  • What is the F3 Credo?  Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him!  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What city was F3 founded in?  Charlotte, NC  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What is a Merkin?  A pubic toupee`  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • Give any example of a coupon?  Block, sandbag, ruck sack, heavy chain, another PAX, etc…  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What does EH stand for?  Emotional Headlock (convincing an FNG to come out and post).  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What is a Weinke?  A cheat sheet to help the Q remember what he planned.  –  Answered correct NO BURPEES
  • What is a Martha?  A PAX that refuses to use his F3 name and eventually quits F3 because of it.  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What is a Nantan?  The leader of a specific AO or Region  –  Answered correct NO BURPEES
  • Define TAPs  –  Thoughts And Prayers for a person or cause  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What is the purpose of a shovel flag?  To have a meeting point for the PAX to gather around.  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5


  • What date was F3 started?  Jan 1st, 2011  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What is an Elvis?  When a PAX must break away in the middle of a beatdown to do his business.  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What is a Chippendale?  A PAX that posts and completes the beatdown without a shirt on.  –  Answered correctly NO BURPEES
  • What is a Clown Car?  When 3 or more PAX ride together to an AO  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What is a Deinke?  A digital weinke such as a cell phone.  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • Who is the only F3NC Martha?  FUDD  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What does CSAUP stand for?  Completely Senseless And Utterly Pointless activity i.e. 5k races, Go Ruck, etc.  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What is a Bearded Millenial?  A millenial with a beard.  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • Is a shovel flag required by F3 for an AO?  No, although most, if not all, have one just because it is tradition.  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5
  • What is the 10/90 rule?  10% of a community or organization are accountable for 90% of its impact or success.  –  Answered incorrectly BURPEES X5


Upon completion of the mosey there were 4 cones set out for 4 corners.  Burpees or AB exercises at each corner would depend on whether or not some of our experienced PAX could answer some extra credit questions correctly…

  • Finish this common saying when you are part of a very hard beatdown…”If it were that easy…?”  “Then everyone would be doing it!”  –  Answered incorrectly so more burpees it is…1 per cone for 3 minutes
  • Anchorman was given a chance to redeem himself on an earlier incorrect and was asked again…What is the original date F3 began?  –  Answered incorrectly again BURPEES X10

Hooker decided he wanted to quiz the Q at this point with a minute or so left (not a good idea after the Q just read all 29 pages of the Lexicon the night before but go ahead)

  • What is a Paul Blart?  YHC correctly answered back with a rent a cop or security that runs a group off in the middle of a beatdown.  But then YHC fired back asking what it is called when that situation occurs?  –  He answered incorrectly and we all performed BURPEES X5 AYG to finish out the day…





Incredible to see this many PAX post on what many thought was going to be a miserable and rainy beatdown.  The rain and lightning held off until we were finished.  Tons of creative answers to the trivia questions made for alot of humorous mumble chatter, which is always good when you travel such a far distance.  Thank you to all who posted especially Grouper, Hooker and DBA who did a “Double Down” (back to back beatdowns) and also a special shout out to Grouper and Tebow for joining me as “Chippendales”.  I bet No-See-Um would have known some of these for sure…


  • Prayers for all our families and loved ones
  • Prayers for peace and safety in the Ukraine
  • Prayers for Vanellope and his family