Just a Few More Burpees

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Apnea
PAX POSTED: Belding, Cheesehead, CZ, DBA, Dillio, Floppy, Grouper, Hitchhiker, Saint, Smoggy, Waterboy, Noodle (FNG)

QIC: Apnea

PAX: Belding, Cheesehead, CZ, DBA, Dillio, Floppy, Grouper, Hitchhiker, Saint, Smoggy, Waterboy, Noodle (FNG)

YHC had a couple different routes planned for today but all involved the same pain. When Cheesehead mentioned the alligator that made a jump at him, YHC made the final decision to take the path around the neighborhood instead of the lake.

5:30 am hit, one FNG present, five core principles, quick disclaimer and then mosey to the main roundabout.


SSH x 10 IC

Windmills X 10 IC

Imperial Walkers X 10 IC

Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10 IC

Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 10 IC

Overhead Claps X 10 IC

Seal Claps X 10 IC

Merkins X 10 IC


With today being the 29th day of the burpee challenge, no need to change anything up so we kept it simple. Run Burpee, Run, Burpee. 3 Burpees were done at every light pole (left and right sides), starting with the first light pole on nature view drive. Cheesehead seemed to like this idea.

We stopped at beautyberry court for the six and did some SSH. Continued to the roundabout with a stop at long ranch blvd for some planks. YHC lost count of the burpees at this point but thanks to Hitchhiker for keeping track. YHC was confident that we would easily make a 100. One more stop at Zamia Loop for some BBS until the six was in. I think it was at this point we hit 99 burpees. More burpees/mosey until we got to the dead-end roundabout with a few shoulder taps waiting for the PAX.

We still had about 15 minutes left, so why not do some more burpees. All PAX on the roundabout lines for 3 burpees per line and walking lunges in between. Quick Indian run to the dead end and loop back to the courts. With about 4 minutes left, it was time to empty the tank. Three groups on the line with sprints to the second light pole. We got about 4 sprints in and then it was 615 am

Great job by all PAX and welcome to our FNG, Noodle


Prayers for Cheesehead’s Co-worker/Friend

Prayers for those PAX down range and recovering from injuries.