No Wrong Turn

by | Apr 3, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Belding
PAX POSTED: Big Papi, Vanellope, PI, Water boy, Polaroid, Cupid (FNG), Seltzer, DBA, Rub N Tug, Grouper, Endo, Bison, Anchorman, Belding

7:30 struck for 12 HIM on a great Saturday morning at the Bone Yard.  All veterans, so no disclaimer and it was straight to work with a Mosey, but we ran into an FNG so back to the flag for the 5 core principles and disclaimer, then it was back to work with a short mosey to the soccer fields.

All x10 IC



Baby Arm Circles

Tempo Squats


Short mosey to the corner of Ballantrae and Bud Bexley Pkwy.  Indian run, each time everyone has sprinted the PAX rotate through the 1 of the sets of exercises:


Mucho Chesto (10 reps of each Merkin-regular, diamond, wide, stagger right, stagger left)

Bruce Lee (20 reps hard way of: Leg raises, flutter kicks, American hammer, Freddie Mercury, Dying cockroaches, LBC)

Leg Day (20 reps easy way-Squats, reverse lunge, derrick, calf raises)


2 rounds completed, then for some light pole work from Bexley Village Dr/Terrazzo Way.  Alternate between 100% and 50% back to the flag.


Quick sip and back to the work.  Partner up for some Dora.

100 Hand Release Merkins

200 Jump Squats

300 Flutter kicks


Did not make it through the flutters as 8:30 struck.



Prayers for PI’s son as he returns from California.

Big Papi and his family.