The Ukrainian Sniper

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Tebow
PAX POSTED: Big Papi, Bison, Simmons, Anchorman, Rub n Tug, Cupid, Endo

Death may come from anywhere, anytime, and from the least likely of people. Like the 4 Russian generals who have been taken out by Ukrainian snipers, 7 PAX plus FNG also found this out the hard way today. Here’s how the game worked.

To begin, PAX will first draw from a hat. Whoever draws the paper marked with a sniper rifle will be the “sniper” for that round. If you are the sniper, it is important to keep it secret.

Next, QIC will draw from a hat the exercise for the sniper’s victims. PAX will then circle up and begin the 6-minute round. PAX will start with tempo squats for the first 2 minutes, regular squats for the next 2 minutes and speed squats for the final 2 minutes.

If you are the sniper, you will “kill” your victim by winking at him. The victim “dies” by dropping (dramatic death sounds are encouraged) and doing 5 burpees. The rest of the PAX steps forward bringing the circle in closer.

The victim then runs from cone to cone doing the exercise that the Q drew for the remainder of the round. PAX must not reveal who the sniper is otherwise all PAX will be penalized by doing sprints and the round is over.

As the sniper, your goal is to “snipe” every PAX. If the circle gets down to the sniper and one PAX, then the sniper has won. All PAX, except for the sniper, will do suicides with 1 burpees at each cone. The sniper is encouraged to ridicule PAX as they perform the suicide. At the end of the suicides, a new round will begin.

For the PAX, your goal is to “neutralize” the sniper. If you suspect a PAX is the sniper, you call them out by saying “(F3 name) is the sniper!” If PAX is correct, then the round is over, and all victims can stop exercising and a new round will begin. The sniper must then do suicides with 3 burpees at each cone while the rest of PAX watches. Again, ridicule is encouraged. If the PAX is wrong, then not only does the PAX who did the calling out “die” but also the PAX who got called out “dies” as well.

*If a PAX is intentionally looking away from the circle so as to not get caught by the sniper for more than 10 seconds, QIC can call them out and PAX must do 20 Merkins and then rejoin in tempo squats.

Exercises included some, but not all, of the following

Bear Crawls 15 Leg Raises 10 Wide arm Merkins 10 Imperial Walkers 10 Hillbillies 15 Block Curls 15 Overhead Presses 10 Diamond Merkins 10 LBC’s 10 BBSU 10 Freddy Mercurys 15 Monkey Humpers 10 Jump Squats 5 Burpees 15 Pickle Pounders 10 Supermans 15 Pickle Pointers 10 Jiminy Crickets 15 Block Curls 15 Overhead Presses 5 Burpees.