Choose your own…Indian run like thing, uh…crab reference

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hitchhiker
PAX POSTED: Macbeth, Grouper, Anchorman

Arriving about 20 minutes earlier, YHC was hard at work when some random guy scared the crap out of him while writing up the whiteboard. Turns out, we had an FNG joining us we have apparently invited after some PAX yelled at him numerous times running around Bexley. Jumping ahead a bit, but welcome Macbeth! Way to crush your first beatdown.


Mosey around the Boneyard field and dog park. Followed by the same warm up I love to do every time (all in cadence, of course):

  • 10 Tempo Squats
  • 10 Windmills
  • 10 Frankensteins
  • 10 Tappity Tap Tap

Thang 1:

The first section was a “choose your own adventure” concept. Each PAX had to do the following:

  • 50 Merkins
  • 50 BBS
  • 50 Supermans
  • 50 Kneel-to-stands (ew)
  • 50 Ski Lunges (hw)
  • 50 Shoulder Taps (hw)

Each individual PAX could choose how to get through this. Plow through them, set’s of 10, somewhere in between.

After that, it was a mosey to the elementary school.

Thang 2:

The second section was like some reverse Indian run concept. Basically the PAX in front had to run around the parking lot till he caught up to the group. The second PAX because the leader and got to call out the exercise for the he and the other PAX had to do at each street light.

Once the moseying PAX caught up, the leader became the runner and the next PAX became the leader. We did this for 7 laps.

  • First 4 laps was 5 reps at each light
  • Last 3 laps was 10 reps at each light

After that, we mosey’s back to where the flag should have been (my bad).

Thang 3:

For the last 9 minutes we did a hard 11. Merkins on one side, BBS on the other. Getting from side to side, we did that sidewise squat crab walking thing. Which brought us to time!


  • Pub crawl tonight!
  • Happy hour next Friday
  • 2.0 BD: 5/14
  • CSAUP: Vote in the Yes Man Mile poll!


Welcome Macbeth! Hope to see you next Saturday, maybe more this summer!