Right-Left Lights

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Seltzer
PAX POSTED: Bison, Photoshop, Cheesehead, Haka, Hooker, C.Z., Urkel

Great turn-out for a Tuesday Boneyard Beat Down with 8 strong PAX ready to put in the work. YHC was a little foggy from festivities the night prior and allergies in full bloom but never the less ready to lead. Promptly at 5:30 a.m. we circled up for the following:

SSH x 15 IC
Frankenstein x 15 IC
Tie-Fighters x 10 IC (both ways)
Plank for Merkin-Jacks x 15 IC
To wrap-up the warm-up a round of Bruce Lees…recover.

Nothing beats a little hangover with some mosey and sweating, kicked things off with Mosey around a couple of blocks until we hit the south side of Yellowbrick Path…

Bear Crawl up the sidewalk hill until reaching the bench at the top, 20 dips on the bench, Crawl Bear down the other side until reaching the other bench for another 20 dips.
Once the 6 was in, mosey around the round planter until each found a good spot for…
30 Step-ups (hard)
20 Urkins
10 Derkins
Hold an urkin plank for the six.

Mosey continues back towards the flag for a brief water break before the meat of the program commences.

Start at the far end of the street for a “Let There Be Light” pole excursion all the way down Terrazzo Way.
OYO Mosey until you hit either a light pole on the right or the left and at each do the following:
RIGHT: Merkins/Peter Parkers (h)/Groiners x 5 of each
LEFT: Squat/Lunge (h) / Squat Jumps x 5 each
There are a total of 14 poles, stretch is just under half mile.

At the end all PAX gathered together to do an Indian Run all the way back to the starting point. The goal was to keep a fellowship slower pace so everyone could focus on a strong sprint each cycle.

At the end we all returned back to the flag for a final round of Bruce Lees to hit the 6:15 mark exactly.

COT: Haka had a great message about family and how F3 brotherhood serves as an extended family for all of us. Never forget you have PAX there by your side. Huge congrats to C.Z. on hitting the 100 post milestone!