Parking lot Elevator suicides

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Hooker
PAX POSTED: Bison, Apnea

In the gloom of the District. Got up this AM ready to rock a great beatdown in the shadow of Cheeseheads Double Digit Monday at the District. Excited to get everyone up and climbing over this hump!

YHC wanted to get there early to get situated and ready the Elevator for PAX to enjoy. A bit early at 5:15 and no surprise that I was the 1st one there. Got the obligatory message form Apnea asking to the direction I was heading. 5:25 and course was set and laid out. Excited to run todays Q for the PAX ready to get a good sweat in, still the only one. No worries still got some time for everyone to show.

5:28 two minute warning. 5:29 1 minute warning. 5:30 ready for warm up as Bison rolls in. Glad that I didn’t have to run this elevator by myself.

Quick disclosure and off we went.

Warm Up

Stretch right middle left legs nice deep stretch

Baby arm circles/reverse burpee 10 IC

Windmill 10 IC

Tap pity tap taps 10 IC

Tempo squats 10 IC

Hillbilly 10 IC


Mosey to parking lot

Elevator suicides

1-10 stations on the right hand side 

1 10 burpees

Run to 2nd station

2 20 merkins Run back to start Then run to 3rd station 

3 30 monkey humpers Run back to start Then run to 4th station

4 40 lunges Run back to start Then run to 5th station

5 50 squats Run back to start Then run to 6th station

6 60 Bobby hurleys Run back to start Then run to 7th station

7 70 LBC Run back to start Then run to 8th station

8 80 shoulder tap Run back to start Then run to 9th station

9-90 mountain climbers Run back to start Then run to 10th station

10-100 Side straddle hops Run back to start 

Get some water

Mucho chesto

Bruce lee

Balls to the wall for remaining minute each PAX count to 20. Time


Prayers for recovery to Dillios Mother

Quick recovery for Hitchikers family