Pickle Beat Down…. With a block!

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Dillio
PAX POSTED: Pritchard, Endo, Belding, Grouper, Seltzer, CZ, Rub n tug, Smoggy, Cricket, Floppy, Big papi, Saint, Bison, Noodle, Smokey, DBA, Hitchiker, Apnea, Counterfeit

5:30 AM


5 core principals

Free, open, outside, rotating not a pro, cot


Skip rope 1 min

20 curls with block

10 deadlift cadence

10 block swings

10 Seal jacks

Mosey to roundabout


20 big boy sit-ups

30 calf raises on own

Crab walk around circle 2 x crab cake at each line hard way

Mosey back to the courts

💦Water break!💦


Circle up


22 side straddle hops on own

1 lap around dog park

hold squat on 6

22 sumo squats

1 lap around dog park

Hold squat till 6 is in.

22 Outlaws leg raise in circle

Around park hold squat

22 imperial squat Walker

Around park hold squat for 6

💦Water break!💦

Bring block with you field of pain

Partner up

Both partners

Murder bunny to glow stick

  • Partner 1 farmer carry blocks to sidewalk and back
  • Partner 2 is working on:

100 squats (both murder bunny back and forth)

200 lbc (both murder bunny)

300 monkey jumpers (both murder bunny)

Walking lunges. Back to courts


Count off