2, 2, 4, 2? More like 2, 2, F, U

by | May 22, 2022 | Back Blasts, General

QIC: Tebow
PAX POSTED: DBA, Hitchhiker, IKEA, Photoshop, and Wilson

5 early risers avoided the fart sack to join in on a 6:00am sprint themed Tebow BD. After a quick disclaimer, Q led PAX on a little slowsy around the Boneyard to wake us up and get the blood flowing. PAX then continued to warm up but a little differently with some walking ankle sweepers, reverse walking leg lifts, walking lunges, side shuffles, and karaoke.

After warm ups, Q led PAX on a Merkin/pull-up mile with 25 merkins and 8 pull-ups/15 rows at every 1/4 mile.

Once PAX arms were a little tired, QIC brought out the tire sled and PAX did 2 sets of backwards sled pulls. PAX formed to parallel lines about 30 yards apart. While one PAX pulled the sled, the rest of the PAX switched off between 30 block curls and 30 overhead presses.

Now that PAX arms and legs were tired, it was onto the main event! Q moseyed over to the Bexley Elementary car loop which just so happens to be about 400 meters, perfect for what QIC Tebow had in mind. PAX had to sprint 200 meters, rest 30 seconds. Sprint 400 meters, rest 30 seconds. Sprint 200 meters, rest 30 seconds, and finally sprint 200 meters. Trust Q, it was a lot more awful than it sounds.

Afterwards, PAX did deconstructed burpees with 10 push ups, sprint 10 yards, 10 knee tucks, sprint 10 yards, and 10 jump squats & sprint 10 yards. 3 rounds.

Finally, PAX moseyed back over the Boneyard with about 5 minutes to spare. Q led PAX in a Bataan Death March till 7:00am.

COT included ways of dealing with anxiety in our daily life and PAX ended with some deep breathing exercises led by IKEA. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to him because he has some great tips!