Blocks?! At 9pm?! Are you joking?!

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Tebow
PAX POSTED: Haka, Bison, Cheesehead, C.Z.

No Q was not joking and unfortunately Haka proceeded to have a conniption fit since he did not see the message Q sent earlier in the day. You know, the one that got Cheesehead so excited that he H.C.’d himself, C.Z. and Urkle (Urkle MIA. For shame, for shame). Alas that did not dissuade him, so Haka, plus three other HIM, avoided the fartsack and joined in on a Tebow led block party BD at the Boneyard.

Q would have gotten to the Boneyard earlier but Montezuma’s revenge, plus a missing handle for the tire sled, prevented him from leaving on time. Rolling in at 5:30 and starting at 5:32 Q led the warmup with some SSH, Tappity-tap-taps, and Frankenstiens followed by a little mosey around the Boneyard.

The next exercise was a modified mile with 10 single arm overhead presses and single arm rows at every 1/4 mile. Next exercise was a backwards sled pull with the rest of PAX rotating between OH press, and block curls. That was followed by a sprint with the sled and PAX did Blockees while they waited their turn.

Next exercise included some ab work with the blocks with 20 heel taps over the block, 20 Big-boy sit ups with the block and 20 Russian Twists with the block.

The final exercise was a different take on the Carolina Dry docks called All Around the Carolinas. PAX stood on the block and did 5 Carolina Dry Docks and rotated around the block with their hands switching between going clockwise and counterclockwise till 6:15.