Stations of Pain

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Grouper
PAX POSTED: Vanellope, Hitchhiker, Petey, Belding, Dillio, Grouper

QIC: Grouper
PAX: Vanellope, Hitchhiker, Petey, Belding, Dillio, Grouper

Hot and muggy morning with 6 PAX ready to seize the day!

SSH IC x 15
Frankenstein IC x 10
Windmill IC x 10
Mountain Climbers IC x 15
Merkins IC x 10
Shoulder Taps IC x 10

Mosey one lap around dog park and tennis courts.

On to the adjacent b-ball court for some stations of pain Tabata style. Each PAX would keep their special Cindy with them for 45 secs on 15 sec off (while rotating).

All PAX completed 3 total rounds of the following 12 exercises:


Overhead press
Leg raises
Monkey humpers

Box cutters
SL dead lift

Big boys
Rifle Carry

Nice mumble chatter this morning, men! I think many stayed up too late enjoying that Bolts W.

Prayers for Waterboy’s dad and family amd Petey’s dad as they all battle challenging times.

Prayers for the PAX that were unable to make it out and that everyone have a safe and healthy week.