A Day on the Ranch

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Tebow
PAX POSTED: Chowdah, Vanellope, Rub-n-Tug, Cricket, DBA, Grouper, Bison

7 PAX arose before the break of dawn and reckoned it was plum dadgum time to wrassle some bears, crabs, and ducks. Just another day at The Ranch with QIC Tebow leading the charge. Q led the warm up with some SSH, Windmills, Tappity-tap-taps, Tempo Squats, and Baby Arm Circles. Q was running out of warm ups to do but figured that after 10 minutes, Apnea was not going to show up.

Afterwards, Q moseyed to the first roundabout where PAX had to do 25 Merkins, then run around the roundabout, 4 rounds. Followed by the same exercise but with 25 BBSU’s.

Next, PAX moseyed to Sunlake Blvd, and the animal style BD commenced. The BD was a modified Bataan Death Crawl. Plus, at every light post, PAX did one Mucho Chesto exercise. At each lightpost PAX rotated between Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, and Duck Walks. Once the final Mucho Chesto exercise was done, PAX turned around and repeated the same Bataan Death Crawl back but with one Bruce Lee exercise at each light post. Q however made the call that the Crab Walk sucked way too much and was taking too much time so PAX rotated between Bear Crawls, Duck Walks and Mosey. PAX finished the final Bruce Lee exercise with 4 minutes to spare and Q led a fast mosey back to the basketball court.

Q also promised to not mention anything to Seltzer about how Chowdah forgot to plug in the coffee maker. So Q’s lips are sealed.