Holding down the 6am Boneyard BD

by | Jul 2, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Chowdah
PAX POSTED: Hooker, Ikea, Cosine, Chowdah

YHC planted the shovel flag at 545am which allowed out visiting PAX (Cosine) to make sure we was in the right place, Hooker arrived short there after and with a few seconds to spare Ikea came walking up. The gloom was relatively less humid and we began the BD to earn the sunrise!


  • SSH -10 (IC)
  • Dynamic Movement series (taken from baseball warm ups) Across the field
    • Hip opener
    • Baseball overthrows
    • Lunge twists
    • Walking Frankenstien

Back to the flag

  • Windmills 10- (IC)
  • Baby Arm Circles 10 (IC, front and back)

The Thang:

Mosey down the “Yellowbrick path” around back to the workout station near the dogpark.

    • 30 second intervals- total per station = 2.5 minutes
    • 4 stations/exercises (alternating the hold of either down or up)
      • Pull-ups
        • Hang to holding the up
      • Merkins
        • Holding the down to a plank
      • SSH to Squat or Dip
      • Side Star hold to Side Star hold leg raise
        • one side switch to other and then hollow hold

Mosey to the school parking lot

  • Suicides; Hooks and Ladder + Dora
    • Dora exercises (100, 200, 300 respectively)
    • Squat
    • BBS or LBCs
    • Carolina dry Dock
  • Utilize the islands as the places to mark suicides
  • Once we finished dora numbers
  • Two round of the warm ups dynamic movements

Mosey to the boneyard to end with a circle Burp


  • Safe Travels
  • Happy 4th
  • Prayers for those unable to make it, DR, or handling injury/illness
  • Prayers for the 730 PAX with the heat