Morning block beat down with races!

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Dillio
PAX POSTED: DBA, Cheese Head, Cricket, Noodle, Chowda, Grouper, Hitchicker, Seltzer, Endo, Floppy, the little girl from Wreck it Ralf

Welcome to Dillio’s Beat Down

5:30 AM


5 core principals

Free, open, outside, rotating not pro, cot



15 X Side straddle hop

10 X Michael Phelps

10 X Tempo squats

Tapitty tap tap

20 X Split jacks

Mosey to roundabout

20 big boy sit-ups

30 tow touch on the curb on own hard way

Grab a line Walking lunge to the first line. 1 squat walk to next. Double it. Up to 64. 1,2,4,8,16,32,64

Plank on 6

Mosey back to the courts

💦Water break!💦

Line up on baseline with blocks

20 curls

Rifle carries to the opposite end

10 clean and press

Rifle carry back

Rinse and Replete

Water break


Split into 2 teams


Line up against wall 3 feet apart

Each team holds a block at one end.

Race and pass back and forth 5 times

The winning team takes a victory lap around the mailbox while the losers burpee

Best 2 out of 3

💦Water break!💦

Bring block with you to the field of pain

Divide teams in 3 teams

Stand inline side by side facing the lake

The end of the line passes block to the front and runs to the front. The first team to sidewalk wins

Winners plank

Losers 20 howling monkeys


A quick round of 11’s

Reverse Lunges


Back to courts



Box cutter, American hammer, Sholder Taps, and Pickle Pounders.


Count off