Not the Spandex Again!

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Tebow
PAX POSTED: Hitchhiker, Vanellope

Oh yes, QIC Tebow came strolling up to the District sporting the spandex again, which the two other PAX (Hitchhiker and Vanellope) knew could mean only one thing, another District track meet.

To allow for any stragglers to arrive, QIC led a longer warmup that included some SSH, Tappity-tap-taps, Windmills, and Frankenstiens. Once 5:37 rolled around, Q figured no other HIM were going to show up. So PAX moseyed over the track to see what BD Q had in store.

To start out, PAX started at the 100 meter start line and ran 500 meters, then broad jumped back to the 100 meter line. This was followed by another 500 meter run.

Next PAX bear crawled across the field and ran 300 meters

After a 1:30 rest, PAX did 25 Merkins and sprinted 200 meters. Rested 1:30 and repeat.

PAX then walked to the 100 meter start and did 25 LBC’s and sprinted 100 meters. Rinse and repeat.

Finally, PAX did 5 Burpees and sprinted 100 meters.

Mosey back to the District.

TAPs for all PAX downrange due to COVID or anything else preventing our HIM from coming out.