Suffering from Inflation

by | Jul 17, 2022 | Back Blasts

QIC: Tebow
PAX POSTED: Hitchhiker, Chowdah, IKEA

PAX have seen it in the news on a daily basis; the nation is suffering from record high inflation. 4 PAX woke up thinking that this burden has so far only impacted them financially. Well these HIM were in for a rude awakening when QIC Tebow led them in an inflation themed BD at the Boneyard.

First things first, PAX warmed up with SSH, Windmill, Tappity-tap-taps, and a new warm up Q came up with called Imperial Franken-walkers. Basically it was an abominable blend of Frankensteins and Imperial Walkers.

Next Q ran over the pull-up to destroy PAX’s biceps. PAX rotated between 10 pull-ups and 20 rows and worked our way down by one for the pull-ups and 2 for the rows (ex. round 2: 9 pull-ups and 18 rows, round 3: 8 pull-ups and 16 rows) till 6:20 rolled around.

Now it was time for PAX to feel the pain of inflation, physically! PAX moseyed over to Tower Rd, turned right and ran until they reached the last light pole. From there, PAX worked their way back starting at the first light pole with 1 Burpee. That was followed by 2 LBC’s at the second, 3 Merkins at the third, 4 Leg raises at the fourth and then 5 Burpees at the fifth and so on. This “inflation” was felt at every light pole until PAX made it back to the Boneyard. The last light pole ended with 24 Leg raises.

Following that, PAX broke up into two teams and sprinted 10 yards, then Burpee broad jumped back. Finally, PAX ended the BD with a modified version of Bruce Lees with PAX calling out the exercise as we rotated around.

IKEA led with some breathing exercises to finish things up.